I'd love to work with you! Here's how I can help.  

Calls and coaching

Consulting calls and coaching packages are a good fit for anyone looking for personalized, expert advice on a community project.  Book time to ask questions one-on-one or a coaching package to dig deeper. In our calls, I'll work with you on things like: 

  • Ideating and presenting a strong community strategy 

  • Figuring out how to measure and communicate the value of your community

  • Revitalizing an existing community 

  • Formulating a strong engagement plan for your community

  • Migrating an existing community to an owned platform 

  • Hiring a great community manager 

I love working with founders who are launching communities with small teams and no dedicated community manager, and early-career community managers who are approaching new challenges at work. Ready to chat? Fill in the interest form bellow to get started. 

Done-for-you projects

I work on a select number of done-for-you projects. 

If your team is looking to launch a new community, or you have an existing community that needs a strategic upgrade, I can work with you to research, strategize, and launch your project.


Please note I do not provide ongoing community moderation services or technical implementation; but if you're looking for a moderator to take over once we launch your project together or a virtual assistant, I can work with you to find one.


Project fees vary depending on the size and complexity of your project. I provide a free phone consultation for all projects to explore if it's a fit before providing a quote. If you'd like to book a consultation, please start by filling out a project interest form below.


*Please note I do not provide free consultations on projects without deliverables and timelines—if you're not yet sure what you're looking to work on together and are looking for expert advice on what direction to take your work in, I recommend starting by booking a coaching call together above. 



From those who have worked with me: 


"I reached out to Noele because I'd been reading her blog, and her writing transformed my thoughts about community management. We Zoomed early in the morning for her, since I'm based in a different time zone, and she offered me tips and strategies as well as questions to consider while I was building. Since talking to her, I've given a presentation to my entire company to create a community-based strategy. Noele's help was invaluable to me, and I return to her writing often. We need more people like this who are willing to mentor first-time community managers like myself—it was a lovely experience." 

"Noele is extremely professional, and has immense experience in community building. She does not speak abstractly (like many people in this industry), but rather communicates her ideas and advice in the most efficient, practical, and professional manner I have ever seen. She breaks down complex ideas and processes into actionable, logical, and clear actions that can be directly applied and utilized." 

"Noele is a true thought leader when it comes to community building! Her advice has been invaluable to me as I developed a community engagement strategy for a new women's network. Her suggestions to increase participations in discussions has really improved engagement and satisfaction with our network. Having Noele as a thought partner while I planned and executed the networks first virtual event gave me the confidence I needed to make the event a success!" 

- Zoe Patterson,

Community Manager @ Teacherly

- Ezra Rabin,

Founder @

Tour & Activity Owners

-Jennifer Dyck-Sprout, Advisor @ Level 

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