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All the insights of 1:1 Coaching,
on your own time

After years of working with hundreds of community projects in a 1:1 capacity, I finally built an on-demand product—similar to an online course—to distill the learnings of 1:1 work into a self-serve format you can access on your own time and at a more accessible price. Plus, options to join an exclusive client community & access group coaching. Want to deepen your community building without the time and expense of hiring a 1:1 coach?

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"I am so grateful for Noele's passion to educate others to grow their communities. I have learned so much from Noele that I feel like I owe her more money! Seriously if you are thinking about signing up for this program, do it."

Max Pete, Senior Community Manager, Square

What's included 

The On-Demand Coaching core bundle aims to distill all the most common client learnings of my 1:1 work into a self-paced experience with videos, templates, coaching scenarios, and more. Plus, ODC clients get access to exclusive bonuses (your first quarter in my client community, which includes live group coaching, for free). For a one time payment of $500 USD, here's everything you get: 

On-Demand Coaching Core Bundle

Five core coaching topics

The core bundle addresses the five most common coaching topics I work with my 1:1 clients on: community objective & business alignment, research & validation, engagement, technology selection, and launch. 

Six templates and walk-through videos

Each coaching topic (plus the intro!) comes with an in-depth template to help you put the work into practice—from running research rounds for community projects to selecting core technology and more. 

15 common coaching scenarios—and growing! 

Each coaching topic includes 3 common coaching scenarios that come up commonly in my work—think of these like mini case studies. Plus, ODC clients can request new coaching scenarios to be added over time based on popularity. 

Five in-depth video lessons

Each coaching topic includes a 5-10 minute video to help you understand the most essential aspects of the topic that I work with my clients on. 

Exclusive community & group coaching
(your first quarter free!)

My private client community, The Community Center, is accessible exclusively to ODC clients (& select 1:1 clients). The Community Center is a paid subscription, but ODC clients get access to their first quarter for free—includes bi-weekly group coaching! More details below. 

Discounts on 1:1 Coaching

ODC clients who want to deepen their community work get priority booking on 1:1 coaching sessions, plus the ability to book up to 5 sessions at a discounted rate ($250 USD/session vs. my typical $300 USD/session rate). 

Next strategy challenge starts in September '24.  

Want to be guided through the On-Demand Coaching program alongside a cohort of peers? Join my next Zero-to-Community-Strategy in 7 Weeks cohort. 

All enrollees are eligible to join cohorts while space lasts—first come, first served. 

Explore a sample schedule and challenge overview first ->

The Community Center

 My private client community, The Community Center, is available exclusively to On-Demand Coaching clients + 1:1 clients who have completed 3 or more coaching sessions. I built The Community Center this way so you'll be able to collaborate only with other folks who are as invested in community as you are, and who speak a common language that can help you deepen collaboratio. Learn more about membership below. 

Community Center Membership

$200 USD/quarter, first quarter free for ODC clients. Includes:

  • Core discussion areas with other committed community builders—your go-to home base to discuss community best practices with peers and Noele

  • Quarterly special programs and events—think things like guest expert workshops, challenges, and early access to ODC expansion packs

  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls with Noele & other members

  • Discounts on 1:1 coaching—up to 5 sessions at a discounted rate of $250 USD/session (vs. my standard rate of $300 USD/session)

Ready to access the On-Demand Coaching Core Bundle, plus your first quarter free in The Community Center (includes live group coaching)? 

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