I'm Noele Flowers, and I'm a community manager, content creator, and the guitarist in the alt-country girlband choirgirl


I'm currently running all things community at Teachable, a platform that helps online entrepreneurs create and sell online courses. At Teachable, I created and run our community program which includes a private tiered forum, virtual events, product betas, and exclusive custom content. I have *a lot of thoughts and feelings* about community management, and I'll be sharing those here via my blog

I also work on consulting projects for companies who are wondering how to get started with community, or have an existing community that needs a makeover. You can learn more about working with me here

When I'm not thinking and writing about community, I post pictures of soup on my instagram, ride my bike, and drink sherry. 

Looking forward to getting to know you, and hoping we'll get to jam about community via Twitter or working on a project together.

Noele Flowers

Community Manager